European couple dances

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From the 15th century couple dances began to develop and spread outwards from central Europe. This form of dance reached as far as Transylvania but due to Ottoman rule did not penetrate into Wallachia and Moldavia.

Poland was a major European power from the 10th century through to the 16th century and its influence stretched from Scandinavia to the northern borders of Transylvania and Moldavia. This influence spread the walking and turning dances from Norway to Transylvania. The Polish state in union with Lithuania controlled most of Europe east of the river Oder and down to the Ottoman vassal state of Moldavia. Poland was Catholic but open to religious diversity. The protestant religions in the Germanic states did not condone dancing. Hungary was Protestant (changing to Catholic in the 17th century). Hungary lost independence in 1526 to Habsburgs then became an Ottoman province in 1541. Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia were outside to German Imperial states, and outside Protestant religion.


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