Celtic invasions in the Balkans

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229 BC - Rome declared war on Queen Teuta of Illyria and after two wars took control of a number of coastal Greek cities. the Macedon empire now split giving separate Greek and Aegean states, but in order to contain the power of Macedon the Greek states sided with Rome.

After Alexander's death the Celts expanded to Moravia and Thrace.

279 BC - divisions of Celts invaded the Greek peninsula, defeating Macedonia and Thessaly. Celts remained in the Balkans north settling in Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and Rumania. At the invitation of Nicomedes of Bithynia Celtic tribes moved to Asia Minor establishing a settlement in Turkey's central plains, Galatia. The Tectosages tribe in Ancyra (Ankara), the Tolistoboii tribe renamed Gordium to Vindia, and the Trocmi tribe settled east of the river Halys.

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