Transition to Iron Age, 1000 to 800 BC

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Further cultural movements in the west  Balkans and Greece continued after the start of the Iron Age. This was the period of the Dark Age in Greece (Mycenaean IIIC to end of Geometric), the change from the Bronze Age to Iron Age in the Balkans, and the Hallstatt A culture in central Europe.

The Dardani (Illyrian) caused the Taulantii (Illyrian) to move south in ~10th century to Epirus. The Liburni moved along the Morava-Vardar to Macedonia in ~9th century. The central Illyrian tribes (Glasinac culture) moved into the Lakes region (Pelagonia) and Macedonia ~800BC. This caused a fall in prosperity in Macedonia and possibly the migration of the Phryges to Asia-Minor (if Brygi=Phrygi). This would link the Phryges => Lausitz => Vattina cultures.

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