Middle Neolithic period, 6000 BC

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The terms middle and late Neolithic periods were derived from a change in the settlement at sites in Thessaly (Greece), but these changes were not evident in the chronology of the other Balkan areas where developments reached these stages at differing dates.


This extended across East Pannonia (Körös), West Romania, Oltenia and Transylvania (Criş) and in the later phases Moldavia. In the area of Bosnia there was a transitional mixing of the Mediterranean and Balkan cultures.

Late Neolithic Balkan group

Changes typical of the late Neolithic occurred in Thrace during the middle Neolithic. These changes were seen in the types of settlement, the variety of plastic art, and the pottery. They could be due to new elements assimilated with Karanovo I.

"Linear pottery" was the start of the early Neolithic in central europe.

Tourist places to visit:

Neolithic dwellings museum at Stara Zagora

Remains of two Karanovo II dwellings dating from 6000BC which were destroyed by fire causing the walls to be well preserved.

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