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Rustem dances

Rustem dances

Rustem dance form

This category includes all dances with a musical rhythm based on "short-long", usually written in 5/16 (2+3). The timing is not perfectly in 5/16, sometimes it will drift nearer to 3/8, and in some areas it looses the asymmetry getting close to 2/4, this being common in the sub-Carpathian regions.

Most of these dances are performed in a circle with low hand hold and arms which swing forward and back with the steps. The steps include many crossing steps and galloping steps.

There are many features of Romanian folklore that are common to both the Romanian and Bulgarian sides of the Danube. The uneven rhythm dances are part of this shared tradition.

This 5/16 asymmetric rhythm is found in some of the Căluş and Drăgaica customs, the slow Hora in south Romania and north Moldavia, and some of the women's songs in the north of Romania. This suggests that this form of asymmetric rhythm could be a old musical rhythm of the Danubian regions and people.

Rustem dance types

Some of the regional variants of Rustemul are;

Choreographic form, motifs, music

type names form structure motifs music
Rustemul Rustemul, Resteul, Ghimpele, Bugeacul, Murguleţul, Paiduşca, Baluţa circle, hand hold (normally low hand hold) bi-directional Hora crossing steps, hops, swinging arms 5/8



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