Women's vocal dances

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Vocal dance form

The song is more important than the dance which is simple to support the song. The singers are in a circle, either connected or not. The dance usually consists of a simple step motif that repeats.

Mostly the dance progresses to the right, and the step pattern is often a 3-measure sequence. This type of dance is very common in the throughout the Balkan region, but limited in Romania to two regions.

These dances are part of an old stratum found throughout Europe, and are still common in south east Europe. It is thought that they once had a ceremonial or ritual context.

Vocal dance dance types

Romanian vocal dances are limited to two regional areas and show various levels of development;

In addition;

Choreographic form, motifs, music

type names form structure motifs music
Roata femeilor Roata femeilor, Polobocul line circle, connected or not connected simple simple walking, hand clapping motifs 2/4
Coconiţa Coconiţa, Purtată,
Bătută, De-a latul, Largul,
Brâul, Tropota
line or circle, connected simple with pauses 3-measure walking motif 2/4
Purtata Purtata de fete, Purtata de drăguţ, Drâmbolicul line or circle, connected combination of sequences to fit the song walking, stamps 10/16
Învârtita Învârtita, Bătuta circle, cross hand hold same as Învârtita walking 10/16



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