Hungarian minorities in Transylvania

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    Szekely lands in 1872

    Transylvania's minorities The main regions of Hungarian population are: -

    Kalotaszeg (Valea Almasului) comprising several valleys east of Cluj centred on Huedin.
    Mezőség (Câmpia), the "Transylvanian heath", an area with many small villages of mixed Romanian and Hungarian population.  
    Szilagyszeg (Salaj), the flat area between the Codru hills and the Apuseni MountainsLink to regions map: Szilagysag
    Csango Gyimes (Ghimes) east of the Carpathians at the head of the Trotus valley in Moldavia.
    Aranyosszék Szekely, ome Szekelers moved to Aranyosszek in the estate of Torda in the 13th century.
    Székelyfold region is now in the modern Romanian counties of Harghita, eastern Mureş, and Covasna. Previously it consisted of the administrative regions of Marosszék, Csíkszék, Kaszonszék, Udvarhelyszék, Sepiszék, Kezdiszék, and Orbaiszék.
    The majority of the Hungarian Counties of Bihar (Bihor) and Szatmar (Satu Mare) are now within Hungary, but some Hungarians remain in Romanian Bihor (Oradea and Arad) and Satu Mare