Places with names ending with -esţi, -auţi and -ovo

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distribution of -esti, -eshte and similar in the Balkans

distribution of -esti in Romania

distribution of -auti in Romania

distribution of -ovo in Romania

Place names ending with -esţi

I have not found any references to Romanian place names ending with -esţi, but anyone travelling Romania will have noticed the great number of places with this ending. The map below gives the distribution of -esţi as a percentage of villages and towns. The distribution shows peaks in the following regions:

Interestingly these areas:

Throughout the Balkans there are place names with similar endings to -esţi. These are found in eastern Serbia, northern Albania and western Macedonia. It has been suggested that this area between historic Serbia (which was smaller than modern Serbia) and Bulgaria remained populated by Latin speakers, and possibly Albanian speakers well after the migration of Slavs into the Balkans. This would explain:

Place names ending with -auţi and -ovo

The place names in northern Moldavia give an indication of the extent of the early Slavic population by the -ăuţi ending to Romanian place names. See the history of Moldavia page.  Similarly the -ovo ending common in Bulgaria extends in Banat in Romania.


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