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This page lists the many of the best known professional violinists recorded by the Romanian state company Electrecord. Many the Electrecord recordings are now available on CD.

Ion Albesteanu

Discography: Electrecord ST-EPE 02537

Alexandru Bidirel

Born in Bucovina to a family of musicians. Studied at Cernăuţi Conservatoire and was first violin in the "Ciprian Porumbescu" ensemble in Suceava.

Discography: Electrecord ST-EPE 00993

Efta Botoca

Discography: Electrecord EPD 1288,  Electrecord ST-EPE 03783,
Electrecord ST-EPE 04199, Electrecord STC 000893

Mihai Botofei

Born in the village of Munteni, Neamţ county. A village of famous fiddle players. Director of "Floricică de la munte" orchestra in Piatra Neamţ.

Discography: Electrecord ST-EPE 01101, Electrecord ST-EPE 02021

Petru Bundiş

Born into a family of fiddlers in the Vânători village, Arad county, in 1934. Played in the Oradea "Crişana" ensemble since 191to 1972, and the Zalău ensemble "Meseşul" 1973-4.

Discography: Electrecord EPC 10.125, Electrecord ST-EPE 01291

Florea Cioaca

Born in Craiova, Gorj county, Oltenia. He played in several of the Romanian state ensembles.

Discography: Electrecord EPC 986, Electrecord ST-EPE 01326

Valeriu Cintilică

Born in 1938 in the village of Spineni, county of Olt in Oltenia. He learnt the style of the southern Danube plain, then from 1961 he played in orchestra "Doina Argeşului" in Piteşti, in 1973 he was director of orchestra "Chindia" in Piteşti.  

Discography: Electrecord ST-EPE 02539

Benone Damian

Born in 1928 to a family of musicians in Întorsura Buzăului. When he finished studies at the Conservatory he joined the "George Enescu" orchestra, then in 1969 dedicated himself to popular music.

Discography: Electrecord EDC 224, STM-EPE 01209, STM-EPE 01442, Electrecord ST-EPE 01847, ST-EPE 02681, Electrecord ST-EDE 03324

Grigoras Dinicu

Born in 1889 in Bucureşti, his grandfather was a famous nai musician Angheluş Dinicu. He attended the Bucureşti Conservatory where his uncle Gheorghe Dinicu was a violin teach, followed by playing with the Orchestra of the Ministry of Public Instruction where another uncle, Dimitrie Dinicu, was the director. He composed many well known Romanian pieces, most notably "Hora staccato".

Discography: Electrecord EPD 1063, Electrecord ST-EPE 01491

Ion Drăgoi

Born in the city of Bacău, Moildavia, in 1928 to a family of musicians. He was a soloist in the orchestra "Plaiurle Bistriţei" then in the orchestra of Radu Simion.

Discography: STM-EPE 0776, STM-EPE 01396, ST-EPE 02087

Iosif Ghemant

Plays music from Mintiul Gherlei, Someşul Mic of central Transylvania.

Discography: Electrecord ST-EPE 01485

Tudor Pană

He was director in "Barbu Lăutaru", "Ciocârlia" and "Rapsodia Romana".

Discography: Electrecord ST-EPE 02880

Ştefan Petreuş

Born in 1940, village of Glod, Maramureş. With his brother, Ion, they are well known as "Fratii Petreuş" who perform traditional Maramureş songs and music.


Electrecord EDC 418, Electrecord ST-EPE 01213, Electrecord ST-EPE 01067, Electrecord ST-EPE 01484, Electrecord ST-EPE 02296, Electrecord ST-EPE 00777, Electrecord ST-EPE 03225, Electrecord STC 000485

Dumitru Potoroacă

From Moldavia.

Discography: Electrecord EPC 10.233, Electrecord ST-EPE 02933

Gheorge Rada

Born in Cojdeni village, county of Bihor, in 1933. Played in the Oradea "Crişana" ensemble since 1962. Plays the vioară cu goarnă.

Discography: Electrecord ST-EPE 01291, Electrecord ST-EPE 01438

Ion Sabadiş

Plays music from the Someşul Mare and Sălăuţa valleys in north Transylvania.

Discography: Electrecord EPC 10.421, Electrecord ST-EPE 01485

Nelu Stan

Born in Oraviţa, region of Banat, in 1924, to a family of musicians. He studied at Timişoara and later played in the Radiotelevision orchestra in Bucharest.

Discography: Electrecord ST-EPE 01336

Nicu Stănescu

Discography: Electrecord EPD 1110

Ion Petre Soican

Born in Olteniţa, county of Călăraşi in Muntenia.

Discography: Electrecord ST-EPE 02166

Alexandru Ţitruş

Born in Ocna Mureşului, county Alba in 1922. He learnt violin in his father's orchestra. First violinist of the Philharmonic orchestra in Cluj.

Discography: Electrecord EPC 10.095, Electrecord EPC 815, Electrecord ST-EPE 00510, Electrecord ST-EPE 00887, Electrecord ST-EPE 01262, Electrecord ST-EPE 02159


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