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twin fluier

Fluier gemanat, Gorj



Fluier gemanat

A twin flute made from one piece of wood. Alongside the six holed fluier is a drone pipe. The drone may have a finger hole to change the note by a tone. The Bulgarian equivalent is the dvojka.


A short end blown pipe found in Oltenia. It has a closed tube producing only one note and is used mostly by women with a vocal melody.


Although folk instruments can be found around the world, the Romanian instrument is based on a terracotta invention dating from the late 19th century in Italy. These were adopted by Romanian instrumentalists and were being made in Romania after the first world war. Most multi-instrumentalist pipes players have a number of ocarina items.

Flaute and piculine

Around the river Olt there are transverse flutes, like the concert flute or fife, with six or seven holes for the larger flaute and six holes for the smaller piculine.


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