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Tâlvul, Oltenia

Tâlvul, Oltenia

Solz de peşte (fish scale)

 A carp fish scale is rounded and kept in a glass of cold water until played. The musician holds it in his mouth between the lower teeth and lower lip. Recordings on Electrecord are by Ion Lăceanu. 


A small reed pipe with six  finger holes. The name is the same as the buzzing drone pipe of a bagpipe.
For recordings: Nicolae Pleşa ST-EPE 02542.

Două paie (two straws)

For recordings: Nicolae Pleşa ST-EPE 02542.


Oat straw with a six finger holes and a reed like that of a bagpipe cut into the wall of the straw just under a knot. For recodings: Ion Lăceanu STM-EPE 01210.


A bottle gourd is used as the sound resonator attached to reed pipe.


Alexandru, T (1980), Romanian folk music, Musical publishing house, Bucharest


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