Light family tree

This branch of the Light family can be traced back to Devon in the early 1800s. By the mid 19th century they were in Plymouth. Note that Elizabeth and Sarah Light, who were sisters married Thomas and George Moule, two brothers.

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Thomas Light
b 1815
Jane Yeabsley
b 1819
 Susannah Light
b 1841
Elizabeth Light
b 1844
Samuel J Light
b 1846
John Light
b 1849
Jane Light
b 1855
Thomas Light
b 1857
Emma A Light
b 1860
b 1860
Simon Bolitho
c 1840
m 1869
Sarah Merrifield
b 1843 
m 1875
b 1869
 Mary J Light
b 1871
Samuel J Light
b 1878
Henry Taylor
c 1870
Adelaide D Blatchford
c 1880