Moule family tree

My branch of the Moule family can be traced back to northern Devon in the 18th century. They moved to Compton Gifford near Plymouth in the early 19th century.

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Emily J
b 1870
Thomas Richard Moule
b 1871
John George Moule
b 1875
Elizabeth A Moule
b  1877
William Henry Moule
b 1878
Edith Matilda Moule
b 1880
Caroline H Moule
b 1882
Mary Maude Moule
b 1885
Sidney Robert Moule
b 1887
 John W Willcocks
Doris Moule
William Nichols
b 1874
Emmanuel J Hurrell
b 1887
Ethel A Brenton
c 1890
Lillian E Willcocks
b1889 d 1900
 Renee Moule
b 1904
Arthur Nolan 
Thomas W S Moule
b 1908
Ethel A Willcocks
b 1892
 Harris family
 Nolan family
Nichols family
 Williams family
 Rhoda ?
c 1910
Harris family
 Raybould family