Owen family tree

I have traced this branch of the Owen family back to the late 18th century in Worcestershire. My branch of this family either dies out or the the name is lost by marriage. I would love to hear from anyone who may have further information on this or any connection to this tree.

Click the names in bold to expand the tree, some also have popup information boxes. Please e-mail me at eliznikeliznik.org.uk

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Christopher Owen
c 1770
Sarah Cope
 Frances Owen
b 1785
 James Cope Owen
b 1787
Sarah Owen
b 1788
Ann Owen
Christopher Owen
b 1793
Timothy Millachap Owen b 1797
 Sarah ?
b 1831
Ann Sandford
b 1792
John Milllachap Owen 1856
Sandford Gray Owen b 1818
Edward Owen
b 1820
 Henry R Owen b 1822
Charles Mellachip Owen b 1825
 Sarah E Owen b 1829
Charles Sandford Owen 1859
 Mary Gregory
c 1820
 Eliza ?
b 1816
 Eliza ?
b 1821
 Mary Ann
b 1824
 Mary Ann Owen
b 1846
 Henry Owen
b 1857
Jane Owen
b 1853
William Owen
b 1855
Mary Ann Owen
b 1859