Webb family tree

I have traced this branch of the Webb family back to Ilchester in Somerset around the early 19th century. I would love to hear from anyone who may have further information on this or any connection to this tree.

Click the names in bold to expand the tree, some also have popup information boxes. Please e-mail me at eliznikeliznik.org.uk

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Louisa Webb
b 1869
Rosa Webb
b 1871
William Webb
b 1876
Robert Webb
b 1878
Edith Webb
b 1880
Daisy Webb
b 1885
Frederick J Liddell
b 1868
 Henry Neudegg
b 1872
 Minnie ?
b 1876
George Vetter
b 1872
 Winifred J Liddell
b 1900
 Henry E Neudegg
b 1901

WIlliam Webb
b 1896
 Vetter family
 Lionel P Liddell
b 1902
 Neudegg Family
George Webb
b 1899
Harry Webb
b 1900