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Browsers and Javascript

The ideal monitor resolution is 1024x768 or greater, however all pages will be viewable on 800x600 screens.

Internet Explorer users

Due to some well known bugs in Internet Explorer a little Javascript is used to enable the popup information boxes and drop down menus. If you do not wish to have Javascript enabled I would suggest considering downloading another browser such as Firefox which renders pages more accurately and have fewer bugs and missing features.

Other browser users

All dynamic features such as drop down menus and popup information boxes use no Javascript and are pure CSS.

Old browsers: Browsers before IE5.5 and Netscape 6 do not render CSS2 formatting correctly.

Text only browsers

All drop down menus and information popup boxes are based on simple lists and should be visible


Text sizing: Use "view > text size" options in your browser if you wish to increase webpage text size for easier reading.

Website design links

The following websites have been very useful in achieving this pure CSS design.

Visit W3Schools

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