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May1999 Eliznik website launched (version 1).


Eliznik pages – about us

Romania web pages based on Eliznik Romanian Book

Located on our AOL Web space

(pink button version, with Eliznik logo as part of background)

Originally used on eliznik log in, then expanded to other log ins

20 August 2000 Domain name: www.eliznik.co.uk registered
October 2000 Shaded buttons added (version 1.1)

December 2001

Romania dance section reworked

Romania costume section updated

Costume parade with reversible photos on mouse over added

Romania ‘tour’ photos added

First instalment of extended costume pages added

May 2002

Next batch of extended costume pages added

22 July 2002 Purchase of 100MB web space
2 September 2002 Domain name www.eliznik.org.uk registered.

1st version of enlarged web site (yellow background with eliznik on it – (version 2)

Google found before linked

January 2003 Silviu section added
January 2003 Vupros section added
February 2003 Romanian music section redone
March 2003 Martisorul events section added
April 2003 Costume pages partially updated
May 2003 Moldavian monasteries added to Romania ‘tour’
June 2003 Romanian costume parade updated
June 2003 Dacian history pages added
August 2003 Romanian music section expanded
September 2003 Romania dance maps added
September 2003 Romanian history section expanded
September 2003 Virtual data transfer 4096MB
October 2003 Ethnographic regions maps added
November 2003 Bulgarian pages added (?poss Jan 04)
December 2003 Bulgarian costume pictures added
December2003 Virtual data transfer 8148MB
January 2004 1st revision of enlarged web site pages converted to limited CSS
January 2004 Romanian archaeology section added
May 2004 Virtual data transfer 16384MB
October 2004 Dance workshop & Romanotation section added
5 December 2004 Virtual data transfer 20GB
January 2005 Romanian archaeology section expanded
January 2005 Family History section added
May 2005 Ritual dance / Calus section added
16 June 2005 Virtual data transfer 50GB
July 2005 Delyan Demirev section
October 2005 Costume section updated
October 2005 Mărţişorul section updated to CSS
November 2005 Timişul section added
December 2005 ongoing Transfer of pages to cascaded style sheets (version 3)
December 2005 Romanian ‘tour’ updated
May 2006 East European history section set up and existing history pages restructured and Romanian history reformatted
June 2006 Virtual data transfer 50GB

25MB extra web space purchased

June 2006 Eliznik CV and section updated
August 2006 Bulgarian pages converted to CSS format

Romania dance section converted to CSS format

Eliznik Publications History

1991 Bulgarian book
January 1995 Bulgarian book 2nd Edition
1997 Music book
January 1999 Romanian book

Feb - 2004 Eliznik Romanian pages to be used as teaching aid for course on Romanian culture and civilization at Arizona State University

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