2005 Seminar of Choreography at Timişoara, Romania

Next seminar 2nd to 11th July 2007 - link to the official site for the 2007 seminar http://www.timisul.ro/

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The 1st Seminar of Choreography was a smaller seminar held in Timişoara, Romania in July 2005, scheduled to coincide with the International Folk Festival of the Hearts (Festivalul Inimilor). Both the festival and seminar are co-ordinated by Toma Frentescu, maestro choreographer of the ensemble 'Timişul' based at  the Casa de Cultura in Timişoara.

The dance lessons

Dances from Banat mountain region - Nicolae Stănescu (choreographer ensemble "Timişul")

Dances from Mărginimea Sibului - Silvia Macrae (choreographer of the professional ensemble "Juni Sibiului")

Dances from Codru - Leotina Dorca - choreographer of the Cultural Centre of Satu Mare

All dance lessons were accompanied by musicians and dancers of the groups.