2006 Seminar of Choreography at Timişoara, Romania

Next seminar 2nd to 11th July 2007 - link to the official site for the 2007 seminar http://www.timisul.ro/

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The 2nd Seminar of Choreography was held in Timişoara, Romania between 3rd and 12th July 2006, scheduled to coincide with the International Folk Festival of the Hearts (Festivalul Inimilor). Both the festival and seminar are co-ordinated by Toma Frentescu, maestro choreographer of the ensemble 'Timişul' based at  the Casa de Cultura in Timişoara.

The dance lessons

Dances from Banat mountain region - Nicolae Stănescu (choreographer ensemble "Timişul")

Dances from Bihor - Ioan Silaghi (choreographer of the professional ensemble "Bihorul" in Oradea)

Dances from Făget (Banat) - Ciprian Cipu (director of the Cultural Centre of the Timiş county)

Dances from Dolj (Oltenia) - Ionel Garoafa (choreographer of the professional ensemble "Maria Tanase" in Criaova)

Dances from Valea Hârtibaciului (Sibiu) - members of "Ceata Junilor " ensemble from Sibiu, choreographed by Silvia Macrae

Dances from Oaş and Codru - Leotina Dorca - choreographer of the Cultural Centre of Satu Mare, together with members of Ensemble Oaşul from Negreşti, Oaş

Dances from the Banat plain - Deian Claniţa - choreographer "Bănăţeana" CFR ensemble, Timişoara

All dance lessons were accompanied by musicians and dancers of the groups.

Individual dances for each region were taught and for 4 regions these were formed into stage choreographies, one of which was performed at the festival.

I hope to find time to upload a short video early in 2007!


Some pictures from 2006>>>>

Timisul musicians Us ready for the performance Our teacher Nicolae Doina Late evening dinner Party dinner class break time Borlova childrens group Group valea Almajului