Romanian Folklore Choreographic Seminar

Timişoara (south-west Romania) 2nd to 11th July 2007

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Organised by Toma Frentescu (maestro choreographer), with Ensemble Timişul, at the city’s House of Culture, in conjunction with the Festival Inimilor (Festival of the Hearts)

The 3rd international choreographic seminar will take place in Timişoara between 2nd and 11th July 2007 for all those interested in learning Romanian folk dances including both dancers and choreographers.

The course will be taught by 8 major Romanian choreographers, with excellent credentials in this field:

Each of these professional choreographers will be helped by musicians and dancers from their Ensembles who will demonstrate dances from the folklore zone from which they are teaching.

During the seminar, following suggestions by the participants of the 2006 seminar, 2-3 lectures on the following subjects will be organised :

As well as the dances taught at the course, each of the professional choreographers will make a choreographic suite from the zone that they are presenting using dances taught at the course. Two or three of these choreographic suites will be performed by the participants of the seminar during the closing gala of the Festival. The necessary costumes will be provided and the musical accompaniment will be played by the orchestra of Ensemble Timişul.

During the period of the seminar the House of Culture in Timişoara will be organising and coordinating the International Folk Festival ‘Festivalul Inimilor’. This festival will be attended by around 30 folk ensembles, 20 of which will come from within Romania. As well as free participation at the performances, seminar participants can also make recordings of the performances, and meet the chorographers, singers, musicians and dancers from the participating ensembles, and the festival organisers after each evening performance.

The daily programme of the seminar:

The cost for the 10 days of the seminar is either:

This fee includes all the following expenses for the participants of the seminar:

Seminar co-ordinator: Toma Frentescu – maestru choreographer of Ensemble Timişul

Further information: Doina Anghel (who speaks English and French)

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