New and updated pages log

60 Ethnographic regions detailed pages started  new! Mar-07
59 Romania Music section reformatted updated Mar-07
58 Costume notes added to costume pictures updated Mar-07
57 East European section started  new! Aug-06
56 Romanian Dance section reformatted updated Aug-06
55 Romania History section reformatted updated Apr-06
54 Costume section totally reviewed and updated, but still more to do! updated Oct-05
53 Men's group ritual dances - pages and maps  new! Jun-05
52 pre-history pages and maps - link to index page updated early history Jan-05
web updates to second place to dance classes and postgrad studies in 2004
51 Sites of ancient treasure & tomb discoveries  new! Jan-04
50 Saraktsani regions in Greece - map  new! Jan-04
49 Romanian Cneaz / Knez / Kenézes and Voivodes  new! Jan-04
48 List of Wallachian Voivodes  new! Jan-04
47 Summary history of Wallachia  new! Jan-04
46 Ethnographic regions map - added links to regions maps Nov-03
45 Revised home page Nov-03
44 Index of over 200 maps and charts on our website  new! Nov-03
43 website updated without frames Aug-03
42 Bronze age map  new! Jun-03
41 Eneolithic map  new! Jun-03
40 Late Neolithic map  new! Jun-03
39 History to 1AD updated early history Jun-03
38 Cucuteni culture  new! Jun-03
37 Dacia  new! Jun-03
36 Dacians, Thracians, Getae  new! Jun-03
35 A-Z of Dacians places  new! Jun-03
34 Dacian tribes  new! Jun-03
33 Northern Bulgarian costume parade  new! Jun-03
32 Men's costume parade updated Jun-03
31 Transylvanian costume parade updated Jun-03
30 Muntenian costume parade updated Jun-03
29 Oltenian costume parade updated Jun-03
28 Moldavian costume parade updated Jun-03
27 Moldavia's early churches and monasteries  new! May-03
26 Fabric overcoats, waistcoats & jackets  new! Apr-03
25 Fabric cloaks & fleecy jackets  new! Apr-03
24 Summary history of Dobrogea  new! Apr-03
23 Materials - history  new! Apr-03
22 Materials - leather dressing  new! Apr-03
21 Materials - woven cloth  new! Apr-03
20 Materials - weaving  new! Apr-03
19 Materials - textiles  new! Apr-03
18 Places with names ending with -esţi  new! Apr-03
17 Historical development of use of materials  new! Apr-03
16 Genetic history  new! Apr-03
15 Genetic tree  new! Apr-03
14 Genetic map  new! Apr-03
13 Summary History of Moldavia  new! Apr-03
12 Moldavian voivodes 1352-1859  new! Apr-03
11 History of Bucovina  new! Mar-03
10 Huţul of northern Moldavia  new! Mar-03
9 Bread crumb trails added Mar-03
8 Women's underskirt regional summary  new! Feb-03
7 Women's chemises regional summary  new! Feb-03
6 Women's chemise decoration patterns  new! Feb-03
5 Women's chemises and blouses major update Feb-03
4 Language tree info windows added Feb-03
3 History to 1AD updated bronze & iron age Feb-03
2 Search function added
1 Site launched Jan-2003
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