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Transylvanian three string bass

Three string bass
Cello and bass have been added to the Transylvanian taraf since the 19th century. For easier transportation in the rural areas they are somewhat smaller than the classical instrument, having only three strings. Village Mociu, county of Cluj, Transylvania, photo taken 2007.

Iza valley, Maramureș

Pieptar from Iza valley, Maramureș, decorated with appliqué coloured leather and woollen embroidery. Photo taken in Dragomirești, Iza Valley, Maramureș, 1990.

Năsăud region

Waist length pieptar decorated with multi-coloured woollen tassels attached in rows and black felt hat. Photo taken in Năsăud, Bistrița-Năsăud county, July 1991.

Monor, Bistrița

Hip length pieptar edged with black fur and decorated with brown, green, yellow and blue embroidery, and coordinated woollen tassels in rows on the back. Photo taken in Monor, Bistrița-Năsăud county, May 1996.

Costeni, Lapuș

Brown pieptar, edged with black fur and decorated with red and green embroidery from the village of Costeni, Lapuș region, Maramureș county. Photo taken at Astra Museum, Sibiu, August 1998 during a fair of traditional crafts.

Chirpăr, Valea Hârtibaciului

Man's costume Waist length pieptar with side opening (înfundat), decorated with black embroidery and black velvet edging on pockets, base and neck. Similar jackets often have the date they were made embroidered on the pockets. Woman's Costume Waist length pieptar, decorated with black embroidery, and edged on black leather. Photo taken in the village of Chirpăr, Valea Hârtibaciului, Sibiu county, April 1988.

Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Bucovina

Sheepskin pieptar, edged with polecat fur and decorated with bands of embroidery in black and dark blue, purple and green, worn by both men and women. High Black căciulă (sheepskin shepherds hat). Photo taken at Hora Prislop festival, August 1997.

Domnești, Argeș

Silk marama worn with narrow beaded headband. Chemise with gathered neck (cămașă încrețită), heavily embroidered with blue wool and silk thread. Wrap round fotă. Photo of folklore group in Domnești, Argeș, April 1999.