Timoc ethnographic zone

In Serbian the wider region is known as Timočka krajina, in Romanian it is Valea Timocului or just Timoc. The bounded zone shown is just the region that includes Romanian speaking peoples known as Vlasi in Serbian or Rumân in their mother tongue, or otherwise referred to as Țărani (meaning peasants that work the land or written as Carani). The language is related to the Oltenian dialect of Romanian, as opposed to other Vlasi to the west that speak the Banat Romanian dialect.

In publications for the area in Serbia and in Bulgaria. The term Câmpeni (meaning plains or written as Kmpeni in Serbian) is used for the plains either side of the Timoc river where this joins the Danube river. The term Pădureni (land covered with trees) is used for both the hilly areas in Serbia and Bulgaria. The Timoc valley as a geographic watershed is only predominantly Romanian speaking in a confined area. The area west of Negotin is predominantly Serbian ethnicity.


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Published on 1st May 2020, last modified on 23rd June 2020