about our zones map

Please see our blog note regarding the concept of “ethnographic zones” and “our rational” for our depiction of the zones.

Our long term aim is to replace the fixed maps on our website with ‘slippy’ maps and to expand the functionality using the ability to plot geographically based database information and layer control to show further distribution information.

Note: we have not yet prepared digital geo-data information for all zones yet, this takes time to reference and collate.

User instructions:

Mouse-over will highlight ethnographic zones. Click will take you that zone map.
Use buttons or mouse wheel to zoom the map view. More details will appear as you zoom in.
The home button to return to the ethnographic maps home page.
Layer control where you can select the background map and turn details on and off.
Published on 19th July 2019, last modified on 3rd May 2021