Câmpia Aradului map

Câmpia Aradului is the plain around the city of Arad. In geographic terms this area is bounded to the south by the Mureș river, to the east by the mountains and to the north along a line of the villages, Pâncota, Caporal Alexa, Olari, Șimand and Sânmartin.[1] The sub-zones listed by Viorel Nistor[2] suggest that the northern limit of Câmpia Aradului is west from Șiria, thus excluding the villages of Țara Zărandului. To the east of Câmpia Aradului is the wine growing area in the foot hills known as Podgoria Aradului.

However, the “Dictionary of Traditional Art”[3] in the entry for Câmpia Aradului lists the large villages of Bocsig, Șicula, Mocrea, Chereluș and Seleuș, and says that this region extends south to the Mureș river. This list of villages north of Arad are within the medieval Țara Zărandului and also within Crișul Alb ethnographic zone, so different authors might term the ethnographic zone as Zarandului, Câmpia Crișului Alb or Câmpia Aradului.


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Published on 7th May 2021