Crna Reka map

The region of the Crna Reka depression, the valley of the Crni Timok or Crna River, is a separate region to the Timoc ethnographic zone in terms of geographical separation and people. It is noticeable that the northern area is predominantly Romanian speaking and the southern part is predominantly Serbian speaking.

Romanian speaking peoples are known as Vlasi in Serbian or Rumân in their mother tongue, or otherwise referred to as Ungareni. This is a term that relates to an origin from within the Hungarian empire which is used for people, costumes and dances on the eastern or southern side of the Carpathians from northern Moldavia down to Serbia. More specifically this name is used for the transhumance livestock communities that moved between the high Carpathian pastures and the low land plains of the Danube, as opposed to the Țărani who are those that work the land. In Crna Reka their language is the Banat Romanian dialect, as opposed to the Oltenian dialect spoken by the Țărani in the Timoc region.


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Published on 1st May 2020, last modified on 3rd May 2021