Dunari (Kladovo) map

I have followed the terminology of Paun Durlić by using Dunari (Dunavljani) for this area surrounding the town of Kladovo. In Serbian the wider region is known as Timočka Krajina and this part is often referred to as Ključ. In Romanian it is unclear if this is included in Timoc. Geographically it is clear that this area is closely related to the surroundings of Drobeta, Timoc being further down the Danube and close to the plains of Mehedinți and Dolj. The zone is predominately populated by Romanian speaking peoples known as Vlasi in Serbian or Rumân in their mother tongue, or otherwise referred to as Țărani (meaning peasants that work the land or written as Carani). Their language is related to the Oltenian dialect of Romanian.


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Published on 1st May 2020, last modified on 3rd May 2021