Banatska Klisura (Serbian) map

The Serbian region, Banatska Klisura in ethnographic terms includes the Romanian side of the river Nera (comuna of Socol) and the Romanian side of the Danube before the Iron Gates.

The current (or previously) Serbian majority villages are on the river bank between the villages of Zlatița (Zlatica) and Moldova Veche (Stara Moldava). These places mostly had a medieval history with Serbian population during the Ottoman period, with an immigrant re-population after 1717 following the Austrian-Turkish war which devastated the area.

There are two outliers from this distribution, firstly Liubcova (Ljupkova) which is situated beside the river downstream from the predominantly Romanian inland areas and was re-populated following the Austrian-Turkish war. Secondly, Svinița (Svinica) towards to the Iron Gates which has a far longer and continuous history of Slavic population, but in communication is closer to the town of Orșova and ethnographically appears to be connected to the surrounding locality.

Published on 20th July 2019, last modified on 3rd May 2021