Țara Loviștea map

This small zone is situated in a depression within the Carpathian mountains, along the Olt river route between Sibiu north of the Carpathians and Vâlcea south of the Carpathians [1]. There is archaeology dating back at least to the bronze age, and through the Dacian and Roman periods. The first direct documentation for this region is in the 1520 agreement between John Zápolya and Neagoe Basarab regarding the border between Transylvania and Țara Românească that mentions the site of Radu Vadului. Then border customs as being at Câineni from 1556, however there may also earlier documentary references as Câneani. Villages of Greblești mentioned in 1625, Titești in 1628, Robești in 1670 [2].


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Published on 20th July 2019, last modified on 3rd May 2021