Vlașca region map

Vlașca region is between the Argeș and Teleorman rivers extending to the Danube centred on the city of Giurgiu. The ethnographic zone takes its location and name from the county formed in 1864. The name Vlașca is from the Slavic for Romanians, and joins the old forest area of Codrii Vlăsiei towards București, from which it appears to have been named [1]. However, this old forest area Codrii Vlăsiei is actually now in the neighbouring region, stretching south from the mountains of Prahova to south of Bucharest and the Bărăgan plains to the east. The forests were cleared in the 19th century for agriculture leading to only patches of the Codrii Vlăsiei forest now in Câmpia Vlăsiei. From an ethnographic perspective there are connections to Ruse south of the Danube in Bulgaria.


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Published on 23rd July 2020, last modified on 3rd May 2021