Chirpăr, Valea Hârtibaciului

Man’s costume
Waist length pieptar with side opening (înfundat), decorated with black embroidery and black velvet edging on pockets, base and neck. Similar jackets often have the date they were made embroidered on the pockets. Gusseted shirt cămașă cu barburi. Black căciulă (sheepskin shepherds hat).

Woman’s Costume
Waist length pieptar, decorated with black embroidery, and edged in black leather. Blouse (ie) made of cotton, decorated with black embroidery called punctul ‘ciocănele’ which gives the appearance of vertical bands of black braid on the sleeves and front of the blouse. Black fringed scarf called broboadă. Gathered front apron (șorț ) edged with coloured tassels, and decorated with gold and coloured embroidery in 2 vertical rows, which make where apron is folded when placed in chests for storage, and 2 horizontal rows, one just above hem and other approximately 10cm above this.
Photo taken in the village of Chirpăr, Valea Hârtibaciului, Sibiu, April 1988

Ethnographic zoneValea Hârtibaciului
Published on 18th February 2018, last modified on 19th February 2018