Traditional welcome in Năsaud

Woman’s costume
Gathered neck chemise (cămașă încrețită) with wide frills (fodor) on sleeves, which open out from just below the elbow. It has a wide horizontal band of geometric embroidery above the elbow, this style of decoration being known as cămașă cu șire peste cot. Sleeveless sheepskin flared waistcoat (pieptar) covered with brown velvet and edged with fur, and decorated with floral embroidery and beads. Narrow woven woollen front and back aprons (catrințe) with horizontal woven stripes in red, brown and black and a row of coloured crochet lace motifs on the hem. Maroon printed floral headscarf.

Man’s costume
Black felt hat (pălărie) with low crown and wide brim. White linen straight shirt with yoke (cămașă cu umeraș), with white crochet lace on lower sleeves, hem and collar
Hip length sheepskin jacket (pieptar), decorated with appliqué red leather, red silk embroidery and multi-coloured woollen tassels. Wide leather belt (chimir). Heavy boots (bocanci).
Photo taken in Năsăud town, July 1991.

Ethnographic zoneNăsăud
Published on 18th February 2018, last modified on 19th February 2018