Old style in Arefu, Argeș

Woman’s costume
Silk marama decorated with woven silk motifs. Chemise with gathered neck (cămașă încrețită), with vertical rows of black embroidery on sleeves and front. Underskirt (poale) has row of matching embroidery on hem. Older style wrap round skirt (fotă) made of a single width of black woven woollen material, with a wide woven border of horizontal strips in blue and gold thread, with interleaved motifs. Narrow woven fabric belt (brâu).

Man’s costume
White linen straight shirt with gussets (cămașă cu barburi) decorated with white embroidery on hem. A narrow row of white crochet lace is attached to the hem and sleeve ends. Summer trousers (izmene) made of cotton or linen fabric. Waistcoat (laibăr) made of black felted woollen fabric (postav). Felt trilby hat (pălărie din fetru). Note the row of medals proudly displayed on his waistcoat.
Photo taken in Arefu, Argeș in April 1999.

RegionȚara Românească
Ethnographic zoneArgeș
Published on 12th February 2018, last modified on 13th February 2018