Barbeni, Vâlcea

Gathered neck linen chemise (cămașă încrețită) with sleeves gathered at wrists, and frilled cuffs. It is decorated with a rectangular strip of blue motifs embroidered across the top of the shoulder (altiță), with a narrow strip in yellow below this (încreț), and vertical stripes (râuri) on the front and sleeves. The underskirt (poale) has a row of co-ordinating embroidery on hem. Narrow woven woollen front and back apron (catrințe) with horizontal woven stripes in red, and black on the upper two thirds and an area of stripes alternating with woven motifs on the lower third which is called a prag. Note this style of apron is typically from the Romanați area south of Vâlcea. Narrow fabric belt (brâu) and red printed floral headscarf. Photo of lady from Babeni, Vâlcea taken at Astra Museum, Sibiu, August 1998 during a fair of traditional crafts.

RegionȚara Românească
Ethnographic zoneVâlcea
Published on 12th February 2018, last modified on 13th February 2018