Gallery: fabric waistcoats and jackets

Long fabric costs called mintean are worn in Gorj, and Mehedinți. White felted woollen cloth waistcoats a waistcoat are called ilic and is decorated with black braid in patterns derived from the uniforms of the Hapsburg army in the Oltenia, Banat, Arad and Hunedoara regions. Dark cloth waistcoats called giubea are worn by men in Dobrogea, and southern Muntenia.  In northern Muntenia, Transylvania men’s waistcoats (laibăr) made of plain black felted wool (postav). In southern Transylvania and north Muntenia black velvet ilice have replaced sheepskin waistcoats for women’s festive wear.

Published on 24th February 2018, last modified on 25th February 2018