Gathered chemise decoration

1) A rectangular strip embroidered across the top of the shoulder called altiță.
2) For cămașă cu șire peste the sleeves are gathered in just below the elbow and then opened out into a flounce decorated with hand woven lace at the wrists. These sleeves were decorated with a horizontal linear band of embroidered motifs at elbow level.
3) In the zones of Hunedoara, Arad, Caraş-Severin, Timiş, and part of Bihor the sleeves were decorated with a large rectangle of compact embroidery cămașă cu tablă covering from shoulder to wrist.
4) In Sibiu, southern parts of Alba, Târnave valley, south and east Hunedoara, and north Brașov a narrow horizontal line of motifs is embroidered in black on the shoulder (umeraș) with 3 to 5 vertical rows of tiny motifs down the sleeves (șire).

Published on 21st February 2018, last modified on 12th June 2018