Cadâneasca 9/16 dance

Cadâneasca dance form

This category includes dances with a musical rhythm of “short-short-short-long” 9/16 (2+2+2+3).

Cadâneasca chain dance types

Cadâneasca (from Turkish for harem girl) from Dobrogea is closer to the Bulgarian Daichovo with a basic step of hop-step-step-step. Note that Cadâneasca from some villages can be in other rhythms. Musically the 9/16 (2+2+2+3) rhythm is similar to the Bulgarian Daichovo, although the Bulgarian version tends to play the rhythm as 2+2+2+(2+1) as opposed to the Romanian 2+2+2+(1+1+1).

type names form structure motifs music
Cadâneasca Cadâneasca circle, hand hold bi-directional Hora hop-step-step-step 9/16
Published on 9th June 2018