“Eliznik” website history

The “Eliznik” web pages (www.eliznik.org.uk/) are an English language website based in the UK covering Romanian dance, ethnography, music, and costume. These pages were first uploaded to the worldwide web in May 1999. At that time there was no substantive information about Romanian dance, music, musicians and costume available on the web, either in Romanian language or in English.

In November 2003 a section on Bulgarian dance, ethnography, music, and costume was added. Other sections on south east European, our families genealogy (2005) were added later. Between 1999 and 2005 the site expanded to over 700 pages,[1] drawing both on our own fieldwork and our growing collection of written sources. Then we took a break due to other commitments.

In the meantime almost twenty years have passed and the resources available on the web are vast, including Wikipedia pages in both Romanian and English. Now in 2018 we are uploading a version of the 2005 site revised to for current website server technology. This will allow us to further develop the site, particularly to add Blog articles on recent research subjects.

The challenge now is how to present in a way that is useful for people searching for background factual information on the ethnography of southeastern Europe and as a means of sharing the knowledge we have gathered together academics studying dance and ethnography, and dance practitioners in Romanian.

Contact: info (that @ symbol) eliznik.org.uk/


  1. Mellish, Liz 2006. "‘Doing’ ethnography in virtual space. The experience of running an English language website on Romanian ethnography based in the UK." Mihai Fifor (editor), Symposia - Caiete de Etnologie si Antropologie 2006 Craiova.
Published on 15th August 2018, last modified on 16th August 2018