Coats and jackets

Traditional over garments were similar for men and women. They were made either from woollen cloth or animal skin, and were intended as protective garments against the weather.

Over garments made of felted woollen cloth are found throughout the Balkan-Carpathian area. From 18th century these  were usually made by craftsmen in artisan’s workshops. These craftsmen make a wide variety of different garments from cloaks or coats to waistcoats and trousers. The names used for each piece of clothing varies from district to district as does the exact cut and mode of decoration.

Summary of coat and jacket names

Garment Name in Romanian Region
Sheepskin over garments
Cloaks Sarică or Bitușca Southern Carpathians
Buboul Făgăraș
Coats Cojoc All zones
Waistcoats Pieptar All zones
Fabric over garments
Cloaks Țolul, țolica, gluga
Overcoats Suman, sumăiaș, sumănică Transylvania and Moldavia
Dimie Oltenia and Muntenia
Recăl Țara Oltului
Șuba, Vâlcea, Câmpia Banatului
Zeghe, (zeche or zechie). Zona Târnavelor, Țara Loviștei, zona Prahovei
Țundră Munții Apuseni
Duruț Câmpia Banatului
Imurluc (epingea) Zonele Ialomița, Ilfov, Teleorman
Ipingea Câmpia Munteniei, Oltenia and Dobrogea
Gheba, manta, aba, abale Dobrogea
Szur Hungarian name
Sleeveless jackets Giubea,giubeaua or suman South Oltenia & Muntenia
Cosacs / cosace
Fleecy jackets (waist length) Guba or buboul Maramureș
Cloth Jackets Mintan/mintene Gorj and Mehedinți
Chebău Gorj
Cloth Waistcoats Laibăr, pieptar, ilic, chintus All zones
Published on 11th March 2017, last modified on 22nd March 2019