Șchioapa 5/8 dance

Șchioapa dance form

Șchioapa 5/8 dance

This category includes dances with a musical rhythm of “short-short-short-long”. This includes the 5/8 (2+2+2+4) or possibly 9/16 (2+2+2+3), but excludes Cadâneasca from Dobrogea which is different in choreography and music.

Șchioapa chain dance types

Șchioapa (meaning the lame one) (2+2+2+4) also Hodoroaga (meaning the rickety one) (Transylvania) and Sokcili (Vlach-Serbia) generally consist of a first figure moving sideways to the right and left (or forward and back) and a second figure moving sideways with a grapevine step. Hodoroaga is danced by the shepherds in south Transylvania Carpathians from Sibiu to Brașov. It is thought that the shepherds brought this dance from the Bărăgan plains and Dobrogea which have been used for winter pasturing by shepherds from a wide area of Romania for a long time.

Choreographic form, motifs, music

type names form structure motifs music
Șchioapa Șchioapa, Hodoroaga, Sokcili  circle, hand hold, men shoulder hold bi-directional Hora grapevine 5/8
Published on 9th June 2018, last modified on 12th June 2018