Ornamental kerchiefs – Kaitsa

Embroidery kerchiefs were widely used with Bulgarian costume. These could be tucked into the belt, worn on the head to protect the eyes from the sun, wound around neck, or worn crossed in front of the chest for weddings or festive occasions. Young girls dressed as ‘buenek‘ or ‘lazarki‘ often wear many kerchiefs as part of their costume.

Ornamental towels – Prezruchnik

A white towel with decorated borders was used to cover the hands of the bride during weddings.

Knitted armlets – Narukvitsi

Armlet(s) called Narukvitsi which covered the forearm from wrist to elbow were worn to protect the lower arm from the sun and cold, and for festive occasions. These were knitted using 5 needles and were decorated with stripes concentrated around the wrists.


Gloves and knitted mittens were also worn.

Published on 7th June 2018