Sunday in Certeze, Oaș

These younger ladies from Certeze, Oaș are wearing traditionally structured blouses, skirts and aprons made of brightly coloured factory produced material. The wide sleeved blouses (Cămașă cu platcă), are decorated with heavy black braid piping and black wool embroidery around the yoke, and wide cuffs, with a horizontal band on the sleeves at elbow level. The wide gathered skirts (poale) has a wide waistband has black piping and embroidery on the wide waistband and round the hem. A gathered apron (șort) made of a coordinating coloured floral printed material is worn over the skirt, this again is edged with black braid. All these ladies are wearing factory made printed floral headscarves. Photo taken in the village of Certeze, Oaș on a Sunday afternoon in August 1997.

Ethnographic zoneOaș
Published on 11th February 2018